Better UI/UX for activity feed

TL;DR; Summarize activity feed between regular events (updates, etc…) and more important comments

I need to scroll up a lot to find the comments I’m interested in:

IMO minor activity events, such as field updates, should be collapsing and expanded-on-click/summarized in order to have a better visualisation and user experience.


As an alternative, you can hide the Revision History and leave only the Comments visible.


Thanks! I didn’t know about that feature, I guess that might be a paid feature because I’m in a free team :frowning_face:

I see it on the bases of a Free team I have with demos for the forum.

The ability to hide/show history in expanded records is independent of whether your base is in a paid workspace or not—meaning you can use it in any of your bases, even if you’re not paying Airtable anything. Similarly, the hide/show comments and revision history button can be found in expanded records for bases on all plans.


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Oh sorry, I think I misunderstood… I’m aware of the hide/show functionality for the Activity feed…

I meant for the feed itself, its too noisy/verbose, when I’m looking for pas comments

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What @Elias_Gomez_Sainz posted above about hiding the revision history will work for you then. That is available in free bases as well.

Click on the “clock” icon next to “Share” and then on “Record revision history” as @Elias_Gomez_Sainz showed in the .gif — this does not delete the revision history, only hides it, leaving only the comments, which is exactly what you want.

I do this on all my bases as the default state. Then, on the rare occasions where I need to see who made a change and when, I go and re-enable the Revision history to see what I need, and then hide it again when I’m done. That works pretty well for me, and allows me to keep comments front and center as the default state of my activity feed.


Thanks, I can confirm now it worked in another base I own!

FWIW, what happened I was added to that base as collaborator but as Editor, not Creator :see_no_evil:

Thanks, kind regards!


I’m hoping there’s a way to add an activity feed as a field in a table. I need to have several teams comment on specific accounts, but I prefer to group those teams’ comments, rather than have them all bunched up together in expanded view.
Is there a way to add a running comment field in a table? Or any other way to filter comments in the expanded view by several participants?
Thanks anyone!