Bill of materials - Production planning

I have products each product can have parts (name + quantity) or can be a bundle of parts (name + quantity).
I would like to create a production planning for a week.
I would like to create a view of all row material I need for the production of the current week.

For example Product 1,2,3 are simple product, Product 4 is a bundle product consists of products 2(qty 1),products 3(qty 2).

In the current week I need to create 10 products of Product 1 and 10 of product 4.
The report should show me:product 1 10, product 2: 10 and product 3: 20

Is it possible to implement it in Airtable?

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It sounds like you could repurpose this example meal planner base I made:

^ The base structure lets you create a recipe (Product), and each recipe can include ingredients (Parts) which have their own recipe. The Meals (Production Planning) table will let you describe which products you’re making on a particular day, and the Shopping List view in the Ingredients table will show the quantities of each ingredient (Part) you’ll need for the current week.

Thank you Kamille_Parks.

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