Billing problem you deducted 630$ while I was supposed to pay 13$

I was supposed to be charged with 13$ & as soon as I put my card you charged me with 3 transactions, 520$, 45$ & 48$. That’s 613$ I need my transactions back now please.

Hi @Cairo_Spots

I would suggest that you get in touch with Airtable, they can handle this issue better.

Contact them at

If they reply saying to post on the community forum, just email them back with your issue and that you need to contact them directly.

Hope this helps

Mary Kay

I am pretty sure Airtable wouldn’t send anyone to post their financial transactions on community forum :slight_smile:

As @M_k said, just contact Airtable support directly, community forum is not really place for this type of problems

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Hi @Marko.Petrovic

I would think so too. It just seems the times that I contacted Airtable, recently, they send a standard email.

Which asks that you post your question in the community forum, but if you email them back, then they will reply to you.

Mary Kay