Blank Cell Result rather than #ERROR

As you can tell by my question, I am new to Airtable :slight_smile:

How do I rewrite this formula so it does not result in …#ERROR when I don’t have dates in some the cells used in the calculation? I would rather have that cell remain blank until I have all my dates entered into my table. Thank you!

DATEADD({Speaking Date},-1,‘days’)

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To avoid the dreaded #ERROR, wrap your formula in an IF that checks for values in the input fields.

IF({Speaking Date},
  DATEADD({Speaking Date},-1,'days')

Hi @Karen_Piotrowski

I noticed that the quotes used in the formula that you have in your post, are not the straight ones. You may want to check that you are using the correct quotes.

The formula that @kuovonne used are the correct ones.

Just thought I would help. Hope you don’t mind.

Mary Kay

Thank you so much!!!

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