Blank problem - serious stuff


Is this on the radar?

I’ve posted other examples before, but blank() still is dangerous…


It looks like there is a deeper problem with BLANK() not working with the != operator. I made a blank column that only had one row with a value called Column1 and then another column using the function Column1 != BLANK(). It returns 1 for all rows, even though there is nothing in all rows except 1.

Doing Column1 = BLANK() returns the correct result (all rows 1 except for the single row with a value in it).

The best solution I found is to use the NOT operator. Doing NOT(Column1 = BLANK()) returns the expected result – all 0s except for the row that has an entry.


You are correct, I thought I had posted that somewhere else, but I can’t find it… I’ve been using [NOT] too.

The thing is, every couple of months I forget about this bug. :roll_eyes: