Block: Chart: Display a bar w/in a Date Range



  1. Let’s say I have Test Table and Test Grid View with 3 columns of data (Name, Start Date, End Date):

    George 2/17/2019 4/24/2019

  2. Using a Chart Block that’s linked to the Test Table, Test Grid View, for the:
    a) X-axis I selected:
    1) Field: Start Date
    2) Bucket values by…
    3) Bucket type: Week
    b) Y-axis I selected:
    1) Group by…
    2) Name
    3) Show legend
    4) Stack

Current results:

  1. If the item starts within any given week, a new bar is created, e.g., for the week of 2/11/2019, a bar chart is created
  2. If the item doesn’t start within a given week, it is not displayed, e.g., 2/18/2019 does not appear

Desired results:

  1. If the item exists for any given week in between it’s Start Date and End Date, I would like a bar to appear in the Chart, e.g., new bars for 2/11/2019, 2/18/2019, …, 4/21/2019