Block/grey elments when they are allocated to one user

I want to allocate a list of numbers (product limited editions) to users. They will pick one by one their selected number and I want this number not to be avaliable anymore after the selection.
Do you know how to do that ?
Thanks a lot

Hi @Arnaud_Pezeron,

Depending on your Base setup, I would prefer that you have the Users linked from a separate table, which will create a new field in your Items table called Users. Once a user selects an item, the User field will be populated with the name of the user. You can then create a view called “Available Items” where you filter out User field with the argument “Not Empty”. So you will not see any item that has already been chosen.

If I understand correctly Users are choosing the items from a Form? Link the Items to this specific view and this should help you out.


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Hi @Mohamed_Swellam ,
that’s definitely a good approach, let me try it and come back to you with the feedback :+1:t2:
Thanks for your support.

Dear @Mohamed_Swellam
so easy thanks to you :smiley: :+1:t2:
Great thanks

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