Block(s) specific to the table/view you are on


Probably missed this in the list so apols in advance if this is a duplicate.

Feature Request

  • Be able to assign specific blocks to specific tabs/sheets so that the context is correct


I don’t think you missed anything - I think this is a pretty unique #feature-requests, and one that I like.

I would make use of this feature (Table specific Block Dashboards) extensively if it were implemented. The blocks you have made are so great for analyzing and aggregating data, viewing records from other tables alongside a related table, or performing tasks related to a particular table.

Currently, we can scroll down to find the block(s) we want to view alongside a particular table, but it would be really great if I could either 1) define a particular ordering of blocks on a per table bases, that would reload upon changing tables, or else 2) define a particular set of blocks to show on a per table basis, that would load upon changing tables. (and in each case, they would only change for collaborators when the collaborators change tables).

Right now it’s evident that the blocks are URL independent, so it seems conceivable that this could be achieved by tying sets of blocks in a block view to a table URL, or… OR… ooh, ooh :open_mouth: EVEN BETTER, tying them to a VIEW URL!
That way different users could define their own sets of blocks to see related to their own views that they build in a table.


This feature would be great. We have definitely found that not being able to associate blocks with particular view doesn’t allow us to utilize blocks to their potential. As we have multiple teams looking to use the same base and setup views particular to their area, only having one single area for blocks isn’t ideal.

To extend this feature, instead of just associating blocks to views, it would be great to be able to create “Block Dashboards”, and then you could associate a Block Dashboard to a Table View. Block Dashboards could then also be sharable/embedded on their own (in addition to the individual share/embed of a block currently in Beta)