Block Suggestion: Single Record Summary

All - I think it would be helpful if there was a block that showed the fields of the single record summary in context rather than having to expand the record. Maybe there is a way of doing this but I have not figured it out. Thanks Jonathan

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Welcome to the community, @Jonathan_Elliott! :smiley: The Page Designer block would probably do what you want, though it won’t automatically update as you select different records from the grid. You’ll need to use the block’s navigation options for that.

Another option is to write a custom script in the Scripting block that can be triggered by the new button field beta. Click a button in a record, and the script can pull that record’s info and display it as you wish. Similar to the Page Designer option, though, it won’t dynamically update as you select different records.

I’m not sure if the custom block beta API allows for dynamic updates as the record selection changes in the grid, but that might be an option to explore.

Custom Blocks do rerender when the user selects/deselects a record (if you chose to). More info:

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Justin and Kamille - Thanks for the help. I will try your suggested methods :+1:

You can also use a button field to open a record in the Page Designer block. It isn’t as elegant as what a custom block could do, but it would require no code.

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I really wish someone will make such a script

I need it so badly

Forms Airtable PLEASE - why is this not in your app Like Microsoft Access, Quickbase, Etc?