Blocks Madness daily bracket update

Happy Friday! We’re making some small changes to the Blocks Madness brackets; rather than holding public votes every day, we’re moving the voting portion in-house to our Airtable team in order to put more focus on the daily challenges, and make it a bit more clear about how the community can participate every day.

That means every day you’ll see:

  • An update in this thread with that day’s match winner
  • A new topic for the daily challenge + prize

Best of luck with your bracket and daily challenges!


Match #3 Update - Gantt v. Matrix


Gantt has the votes! Check back on Monday for the winners for match #4, pivot table v. record list.


Match #4 Update - Pivot v. Record list

Pivot table
Pivot table wins match #4! Check back tomorrow for the winners for match #5.