Blocks on Iphone/ Ipad App

I use the invoice generator app when using airtable on my PC but cant get it to appear when I log in through my IOS apps. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you

Welcome to the community, @Tara_Price!

Unfortunately, Airtable is only fully supported in a desktop environment, which was a strange decision by the Airtable engineers, since the vast majority of Internet usage is mobile-based.

So, unfortunately, blocks are one of the many, many features that are not supported at all in the iOS app.

You can TRY using your mobile web browser, but you’ll need to request desktop website in order to see the blocks.

However, even if you can see your blocks, note that most other things are broken in the mobile web browser, such as scrolling. It’s a mess. Try to do the best you can, or just carry around a laptop with you. :crazy_face:

p.s. You may want to suggest this as a feature request (blocks being added to the mobile app) in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.

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