Blocks: Page design inserted to record


I am loving the Page Designer Block. For Destiny Search Project it is going to save us HOURS of work, and also give us forms that we have until now dreamed of being able to create easily.

I have seen the request for an embed of blocks which I also would love and will be helpful (I just signed up for the beta) The next feature I would like to see is that when a Page is created in the Page Designer it has a Field in the record that is associated with it. This would be similar to how attachments work for pdf but would be a direct link to the page design for that specific record.

In our use case we have set up an awesome form that we can give teams when they are dispatched on a search assignment, it includes team members, map, and information. Currently, though we have to open page designer, then find the right record in order to print. If it was embedded as part of the record it would be much more easily accessible.

Again thanks for creating a tool that has been game changing in our organization and providing of services.


I second this request as well. If Blocks could work with Zapier that would allow for an incredible jump in usability. I want to be able to save a page from page designer, attach to a record and email it out as a PDF attachment.