Bring Gallery View's "Customize Card" feature to Calendar View

In Gallery View, you can customize what attributes of any given record show up on the card. In Calendar view, you just get the name of the card. I’d like to be able to, when you click a record in calendar, see a couple other attributes of my choosing with having to fully expand the record (some of these records have a LOT of attributes, and I only need to see one or two specific, consistent ones in calendar).


Well, duh?

How is it not a feature???
Currently in my deadlines calendar I can only see dates and times in the calendar view when I need to see the linked record’s name.

This is a MUST.

Seems I posted a duplicate of this at “Show collaborator field in a calendar view”. I’m replying mainly to bump this. This feature is sorely missing for my use case.

This would be really useful. Currently have to use automation tools (i.e. Zapier) to put detailed events with full notes (location, meeting topics, other record details etc.) in our Google Calendar. Would be much simpler to just subscribe to the already existing calendar views in AirTable, and wouldn’t have to manually update them anymore to boot since Zapier isn’t able to handle that without making more views and other workarounds.

Agree that this would be super useful. Would love to see this feature.