Budget follow-up file



I’m trying to create a budget follow-up file like this :

Table 1 :
Date | Supplier | Cost |
24/07/2018 | MySupplier | 12800 |
24/07/2018 | MySupplier2 | 1800 |

I want to create a table 2 and check if this sum of the “Cost” is lower that my budget (for example 100 000 €)

Do you know how to proceed?



Some ideas:

  • At the bottom of the Cost column, you can select Sum and just check if it is lower.
  • This is a trick: create a Budget table, create a record, and link all records in Table 1 to it. Then you could add a Rollup field that sums all costs, and another Formula field that checks if it is Higher or Lower to your budget. It could show an emoji indicating the result, for instance.



Thanks for your answer. I’ve followed your second idea and it works perfectly.
The thing is that it is not dynamic. If I add a record in the Table 1, I have to manually add the record in the liked field in the other Table.



You can link them from Table 1. Call the Table 2 record ‘All’ for instance, when entering records in Table 1 you type in the field ‘a’ and then enter.


Also, with the Pro plan you have the Blocks feature, that allows you to have for instance a big widget with the Sum of all Costs, without the extra table: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013403608-Getting-started-with-Airtable-blocks


Thank you for your answers.