Budget with sub and sub-sub categories

Hello, I am trying to work with three levels of categories that each have their own totals. This is the way they should work. The top category has a sum of all the sub- and sub-sub categories, the secondary level sums itself and the tertiary categories. I realize that this is simple in Excel but it seems as though it might work with some linked fields.

I have a budget entry table where you can select the three types of categories for each record, as applicable,

And then I have tried various scenarios to get something similar to this table that has an overall total for the first category.

Are there better ways to try and do this? Thank you for any help you can give!

Hey KCP121, I’ve got an alternative way to do it, although I don’t know that it’s better

Check it out here

With this one you only need to select one category, so that’s an improvement I guess? It’s pretty convoluted still though.

This was amazing. Thank you so much. It solved my problem! I truly appreciate your help.

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