BUG: Multiple Select Loses Data on Import

A simple export of a table as CSV does NOT come back in tact!

I added a period to another text field using Notepad to make the simplest change possible without formatting issues. Then, I imported the same CSV I exported save for the 1 period added within a text string (so it would update the record).

The multiple select column kept only ONE selection for the updated row…

I need to be able to import updated content reliably. This is not proving to be the case.

Hi @Brom,

For the Single Select field in particular, if the data is not shown in a cell, it will not be imported.

Meaning, if you have a single select field in excel where you have 3 options, but all the rows you are importing are only showing 1 option, this is the only option that will get imported.

What I do in such cases is paste all the options in dummy rows before importing then delete them in Airtable.