Bug on csv import

Certain pieces of data (cells are empty) are disappearing on a csv import in airtable. About 10 cells of dates are empty out of 700 record but still appear in excel immediately prior to import on airtable . Can replicate and makes me a bit nervous about importing large amounts of data.

Hi @Zac_Traeger,

Do these cells contain the same type data as the fields you are importing them to?

Meaning, if you try to import Text into a field that is defined as a Number, the text will not come. I have imported thousands of cells via CSV with no issue.


Ok after some more investigation. It appears that certain fields are disappearing (10 of 700 or so) whenever the text fields from the csv (which are a date) are being converted to date as field type in airtable. There isn’t anything I can tell upon first glance that those dates are any different than the other ones that are changing over the field type with no problems.