Bug with percentage column on Android

I have a percentage column it’s works well on windows for example display 90% and with the android application the display is 1. When you update on Android to 90, then in the windows it’s displayed 9000.
Can you correct this bug?

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Welcome to the community, Christian! :smiley: While I agree that this sounds like a bug, I think it’s actually two bugs. (FWIW, I’m not on Android, so I can’t run definitive tests to confirm these assumptions, so this is part guesswork, part experience coming from other areas).

The 90% is likely stored internally as a decimal value, which would be 0.9. It sounds like the two-bug combo comes when the app not only chooses to display the stored decimal value vs the converted percentage, but displays that value rounded to the nearest whole number, which is 1.

Now remember that in terms of percentages, 1 actually represents 100%. That’s why, when you change the 1 to a 90 in the mobile app, the app doesn’t store 90%. It stores 9000% (i.e. 100% x 90).

Long story short, I believe that your data is being stored correctly, but it’s just being messed up for display on the Android mobile app, and (as you’ve seen) you shouldn’t try to edit the data on the Android app until that display issue is fixed.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your answer. The question is when this will be fixed?

Any idea?


Sorry, @Christian_Verny, but I’m a fellow user like yourself, not part of the Airtable staff, so I have no idea when this will be addressed. Even though staff do peruse the community, they prefer to address bugs more directly, so I recommend submitting a support ticket. When you’re logged into Airtable (desktop or browser), click the Help link in the upper-right corner, then click “Contact Us”.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your reply, I thought you was part of the staff

I saw that they have corrected the issue. Great!