Build charts and dashboards by connecting Airtable to Metabase

If you are looking to pull insights from your Airtable data, try connecting your Airtable base to Metabase to easily build interactive graphs and dashboards.

Metabase is an open source BI tool where you can easily summarize and visualize your data. You can connect Airtable to Metabase using a tool I helped build, Sync Inc.

We’ve been blown away by the kinds of dashboards people are building - so we wrote up a tutorial that walks through how to do it:

Also - shout out to @Paul_Coates who showed us how you can then embed dashboards like these back in Airtable using the Embed app. Then your team will have all the information they need without ever leaving Airtable.

Hope you find this useful :slight_smile:


Really appreciate the mention.

Hope all is well with you.