Building Better Graphs

Hey Airtable Fam. I would love to build better graphs. Is the chart block super limited or am I just doing it wrong. Here is a graph of the ages of my database. I can only see the number if I hover over the age block. How can I get it to show the number of entries per age? or if I had them as percentages (I guess by building a formula to show percentage of the age and then making a chart from that)

Any help to make my charts better would be massively appricaited.

Thank you

Hi @Celina_Rollon,

This is unfortunately not possible, it is one of the Product Suggestions that many requested and hopefully Airtable will do it some time.


You’re not doing it wrong; Airtable is.

The workaround is ugly but might be worth it.

  • Airtable provides a web plugin; Google charts can be published to the web.
  • Zapier can export Airtable data to Google Sheets.
  • Google Sheets can generate pretty good charts.
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I was actually wondering if this would work earlier today! Thank you so much, I’ll keep playing!

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