Building Financial Models on Airbase

Hi. Just started exploring Airbase. I want to try using it to build monthly financial projections for my service business.

Coming from Excel, I’m used to the convention of using columns/fields for months and rows/records for categories. But most of the templates and examples I’ve seen do the opposite creating a field/column for months and then doing a variety of lookup, rollups, etc to put things together.

Is this because Airbase favours using fields for formulas? Should I just change my preferences and get used to it? Or am I missing something?

I want to build my own base from scratch, because I’ve learned from experience that it’s really difficult to understand a model you haven’t built yourself, and because it seems like a good way to learn Airbase. But I would appreciate it if anyone can point me to good examples of best practice or any other resources for this.



Hi @Paul_Sturrock,

Welcome to Airtable ! :smiley:

You are not missing something. Airtable will allow formulas in Fields, if you use a formula in a field, it will apply to the full field (unlike excel).

Its a good idea to build your own Base. A start point for me would be to import the excel into Airtable and start from there.


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Hello everyone. I work as a web analyst at one of the Colorado banks.

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