Built a form but it won't submit

Hi, I have created a form view for a table but when I test the form, the responses aren’t captured in the table. I’ve looked through all the documentation and I can’t see anything that gives direction on how to make it active, or if you even need to do that. What am I missing?! Thanks.

The form is always active. Just click on “Open Form” or “Share Form” to test it.

Thanks! That’s what I’ve tried, and I don’t then see the test data I submitted in the table.

Is your table filtered?

No, I don’t have any filters set.

Very strange. Sounds like something might be broken. I would contact support@airtable.com so they can help you out. When you discover the problem, please post back here so we can learn what the problem was!

I have contacted them, and I’ll share once we figure it out. Thanks!

Hi, we figured out what was happening! I had used a CSV import to create the table, so about 1500 rows got imported (even tho only about 35 were populated). The submissions were filling in from the BOTTOM of the grid, so I just never saw them. My colleague de-bugged by turning on email responses w/ submissions and followed the link back to the grid, which was showing us entries at the bottom.

Right, new records are always added to the bottom. Glad you figured it out.

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