Bulk change field types?

When I import data for event registration, several of our data columns contain single select responses. Right now, I have to change each column’s field type from text to single select individually. When there are 30+ datasets to be changed, that takes a while! It would be lovely if I could select all of the columns that need to be changed, and set all their field types at once (in this case to single select).


Hi Sarah, thanks for the feedback! This is something we are definitely considering, thanks for letting us know it would be of use to you :blush:


I second this as much-needed!

I have a checklist I’ll need to use repeatedly, so I thought, “why not Airtable”? I pasted it into numbers, cleaned up the formatting, and made all of the columns but the primary field checkboxes. I exported to .csv, imported that into Airtable and… all field types were single line text.

Without a batch tool, I now have 100+ fields to either manually update… though I’ll likely have to abandon Airtable for this task instead, and so a batch tool would be terribly useful—my number #2 addition, behind linking bases of course.


Still Very Valid request.

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Agreed this would be awesome. Making a form for Election Results right now coming in live on Election Night. Would be great if I could bulk change the field type for each candidate into numbers. Thanks.