Bulk change view configurations

Please make it an option to select multiple views and change specific configurations.

Use case - I have a base with hundreds of identical views shared with outside customers and the only difference is each view is filtered by the specific customer (so they can only see their information we want to give them). If change one of the filtered fields, I then must manually go into each each view and re-do the configurations.

Right now I have to create a “Template View”.
Go into each view and “Copy another view’s configuration”
Select the “Template View”
Select all to copy configuration
Go into the filter and change the customer name back to who I made the view for.
Then repeat 100’s of times
This takes hours :frowning:

Would be nice to just be able to select multiple views at once and edit specific configurations. Then should only take a minute.

Thanks for listening.

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Is there a reason that you can’t just duplicate your views instead of copying configurations? Duplicating views is much quicker. Then, you would just need to change the filter.

However, I think that you would be MUCH MUCH MUCH better off — like a million, zillion, trillion times better off — by using Stacker, which was SPECIFICALLY designed for this EXACT purpose.

It’s the entire reason that Stacker was created to begin with.

Airtable was not really designed for what you’re trying to do right now, which is creating a customer portal for your customers to view their own records. Airtable wasn’t designed to be a customer portal to view their own records.

But Stacker was specifically designed to create customer portals to your Airtable records. Each customer logs in and is only allowed to see their own records. It takes almost zero time to setup Stacker, and it automatically adapts as you add new customers.

Especially if you have hundreds upon hundreds of customers, you need Stacker to handle this for you.

Thank you. I have looked into Stacker, however I am not sure I can justify the increased cost ($1,500~$6,000 per year). I am trying to play with it more to see if it will be a possibly, but we are having an issue loading my base into their system. Their team is looking into it. Thanks again.

Yeah, Stacker is very pricey. But it is awesome.

Remember that Airtable wasn’t designed to be a customer portal system or even a real relational database system — Airtable is simply a spreadsheet program with a handful of extremely cool & useful database features thrown into it.

If Stacker doesn’t work for you, and if you’re literally dealing with hundreds of clients who need to log in and see their data, then you should probably be thinking about moving to a real relational database system such as FileMaker Pro, which is one of the leaders in the industry.

FileMaker Pro can run the most complex business systems on the planet, and its cost is incredibly cheap. It is typically cheaper than Airtable + Stacker, depending on how many users you have.

However, the big downside to something like FileMaker is that it’s an ACTUAL programming language, so you would actually need to hire a developer such as myself to build your system for you. That takes time & money in development costs. I have been a Certified FileMaker Developer for almost 30 years now, and I create high-end FileMaker systems for businesses of all sizes. If you have a budget for your project and would like to hire either a FileMaker developer or an expert Airtable/Stacker developer, feel free to send me a private message.

Having hundreds of Airtable views is absolutely not ideal. Take a look at our client portal extension. I think it’s a good solution for your case.