Bulk Download of photos from an AirTable?

Is there a way to do a mass download of photos from my airtable? The Bulk Upload worked well, now I need to do the reverse! Thanks, All

Yes. I’ve done this, but I had to write script using the API. What’s the target location of the photos? Perhaps a Google Drive?

This could also be done using Integromat if you want to save the files to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Hi Bill thanks for the quick response - the target file is currently on Dropbox.

As I look at the airtable, I see that the photos are not all named with their subject, so I need to rename each photo with its name and year (both fields are in the AirTable) and then sort them by year. so if the year were the first part of the new filename, they would self-sort.

Is this within the powers of the programmer’s dark arts, or do I need to have someone do it by hand?

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To the point of your post, the renaming of the files could also be handled by the same Integromat scenario that saves them to Dropbox. If you want to go this route and would like some help setting it up, let me know.

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I think this can be done with a Zapier process as @Justin_Barrett has suggested. And I think the use of adjacent fields for file names is also doable.

Best to exhaust this approach first before writing API code.