Bulk import images into an existing table

I have an existing table with 800+ records (imported from a CSV). Now, I’d like to add an image for each record (import from a folder of PNGs–with matching file names). Is there a way to do this in bulk?

Example Records:
Name, Type1, Type2, Image
Abomasnow, Grass, Ice, [to add: abomasnow.png]
Aerodactyl, Rock, Flying, [to add: aerodactyl.png]
Aggron, Steel, Rock, [to add: aggron.png]

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Figured out a workaround. This assumes you have one file/image for every Record AND filenames that match a Name field:

  1. Create an empty table
  2. Change to Gallery View
  3. Batch drag the files you want to upload to the “+” icon in the bottom-right corner (this was the key step I kept missing)
  4. You’ll be asked whether to “Create X records” or “Create one record (with X attachments)”. Choose the first one.
  5. Sort records by Name, then copy the column they’re in
  6. In the original table, sort by Name and create a new Attachments column
  7. Paste the image attachments into the new column

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