Bulk merge using an "auto" dedupe

Hi Everyone,

Is there an automated way to combine 3 lines into one?

The context is that, we will have 3 different persons filling in 3 different forms to feed into the same table, but want to combine them into a single line.

Dedupe is OK but we will need to do this 1800 times :frowning: And of course, there are a lot more columns than shown above.


Hey Nick, if each form has a unique identifier, then you could set it up so that each form submission gets linked to a single record in another table, and then create lookup fields to display everything nicely? Nice thing is that it’d work for your historical data too


Note that the DeDupe App won’t work for your needs, unfortunately, because Airtable didn’t do a very good job with the DeDupe App. It doesn’t merge data (except for a few field types)… it simply deletes records that you pinpoint as duplicates.

@Adam_C’s solution above is probably the best and easiest and simplest.

However, if you’re really determined to get everything merged onto one line, your best bet is to capture the duplicates on their way into Airtable, which will require some work on your end — it will likely require scripting or the use of an external automation tool, if you’re literally going to be merging data in cells. I don’t know scripting (yet), so personally I use Make.com for this. I just did this exact thing the other day for a client.

Adam, that’s exactly what I was after. Thank you!


Thanks Scott, Adam’s method will work well!

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