Bulk update - can I speed this up?


I have a table with about 1700 records. I’m pulling a couple of records and doing some math on all the rows, then updating the result in a new record. The bulk update code I’m using is waaaay faster than a single row update, but it’s still taking about 45-60 seconds. That’s too slow for me to run an automation, which has a 30s timeout. Is the following code inefficient?

await table.updateRecordsAsync(updatedRecords.splice(0,50));


You code isn’t inefficient. It just isn’t as efficient as you need it to be.

This thread has suggestions for dealing with updating thousands of records in an automation.

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Thank you! I don’t have to update every record, so that’s a great suggestion.

Do you have any examples of a mega batch update? I would have approached it the way it was discussed in the thread, but I got the impression that did not work.

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