Bullet Point list of Roll Up

Hey Airtable Community,

I am trying to create a roll up formula combination that is taking a list of values some of those are blank and only outputs a bulleted list of the filled in values.

For Example: Right now I have tried:

IF(COUNTA(values) >= 1, "• “) & ARRAYJOIN(values,”\n• ")

This still outputs if there are empty values in the roll up.

I have tried to also use the arraycompact() but then I have no way to use Substitute() to split up the values into a bulleted list.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Welcome to the Airtable community!

Try nesting ARRAYCOMPACT inside COUNTALL and inside ARRAYJOIN. This removes the blanks before counting or joining the values.

    "• "  & ARRAYJOIN(ARRAYCOMPACT(values),"\n• ")

Thanks for the suggestion! For some reason @kuovonne that outputs the number of items but it not as list of the values. It still also counts the empty ones :confused:

Oops. I forgot to replace the second COUNTALL with ARRAYJOIN.

As for still counting the blanks, what is the field type that is being rolled up, and could the blank values look blank but really have a hidden space?

It worked! And it ignored the blanks! Thanks for your help!

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