button field + stripe

hello airtable family: i wanted to ask you about the new button field

1 I have a private and paying community to buy and sell things to us

2 the payments of the things I manage with stripe generating checkouts

With the new button field I thought of the following

1 when a person registers and pays the community fee their data is stored on stripe

2 I want to create a base in airtable with the things that are for sale and add the field airtable button

3 I would invite my community to the airtable base so they can buy from there automatically

4 the button on each record I want to be a button connected to stripe

5 when you press the button, it picks up the customer ID of the person who pressed it (which I have saved in another table in the base) and generates in a new view a new record with the customer ID that pressed it (bought)

6 with integromat I will create a scenario where if there is a new record in a view I will generate a new charge to that customer id automatically

Do you think it’s possible that the button will pick up the information of the person who pressed it if they’re invited to that airbase?

How would you do that?

Thank you, family.

Hi @nono_ruiz

Welcome to the Airtable community! Thanks for sharing how you would like to use our new Button field.

With the current functionality of the Button field, it could be challenging to generate specific Stripe URLs for when your community member selects a purchase time and presses the button to create a purchase link.

With that said, in regards to pulling your community member’s ID, would you be able to use an email field where a customer could input their email? This could be a way to record an email address for when you would like to send them a Stripe purchase link.

Next, you could potentially use the button field to run a script to open a Stripe URL. The difficulty would be in the generation of a unique Stripe URL for the community member to purchase the item.

Hope that helps point you in the right direction!

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