Button Suggestion: Open URL in New Tab w/o Opening

Just a quick suggestion: I use webhooks in my buttons to start and top timers in my timesheet tracking service: however, I would really like to be able to click on a webhook without having to immediately close the tab.

I could set-up a macro to close a tab automatically after a time interval, but I thought I would pop in here and suggest that we have that added layer of control in terms of what pops up as we click a button.

In another use case, sometimes I want to run a script to perform background tasks, and I don’t need to see the console. I would love the script to be able to run in the background without necessarily loading the dashboard - and I realize there is probably a limitation here, regarding only being able to use a block if it’s fully loaded on the screen.

In any event, these are my two cents! I am really enjoying the Button field, it really helps Airtable perform more like an application than a spreadsheet - there have been so many great updates recently, I’m excited to see how Airtable will evolve over the years.


This is a pretty good suggestion and almost goes without saying. Since the dawn of hyperlinks, HTML has supported a number of behaviours such as open in new window, same window, etc.

Your request - although reasonable - is more about the concept of a silent action (i.e., an event, a true webhook, or an ajax call). Links in buttons are not really webhooks because webhooks (by definition) are self-powered based on other dependencies like a field being updated, or a new record being added. The dependency with buttons - however a great improvement it may be - requires a human in the room wielding a pointing device.

I agree with this as well; script blocks are simply functional objects that should be able to be executed (like stored procedures in SQL databases) or the underpinning of custom formula functions.

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Obligatory “this has been suggested, but in a locked thread” note. Previously recommended implementations included adding a toggle to the Customize Field Options dialog to turn on/off the block panel (or in your first case, a new tab at the url) opening.