Button to add rows

I would like to create a button (or something similar) that would allow a user to enter information into one row and have that information duplicated into multiple rows (as indicated through the button).

We have a Filemaker pro database that I’m working to replace. One of the processes has several buttons, “Create one permit”, “Duplicate two more permits”, and “Duplicate One New Permit”. These buttons would allow the user to enter in name, billing #, address, and authorized person name. The button also asks how many permits need to be created, and automatically creates that number of rows, and then auto increments the permit number on each row.

Is there a way to do something like? I know it’s possible to “autofill” by dragging down the cell to as many rows as you need. I’m looking to see if there are other options as well.

Airtable doesn’t have a feature equivalent to what you described from FileMaker Pro. However, it would be possible to use some integrations to achieve the same end result. Jotform could be used to build a form that would allow the user to enter the basic information, and ask for how many permits need to be created, with the actual permit records created by either Zapier or Integromat once the form is submitted. If you have the Airtable base in a Pro account workspace, you could add the Jotform form URL into a Description block so that it’s easily accessible from within Airtable.

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