Button to copy data to Excel doc

My Airtable has purchase order data, and I need to be able to present a single page, multi line PO for records and vendors. I have an excel doc that will “make it pretty” for me, as long as the data is present.

If I was the user I would just copy/paste, Save As and move on. The person who needs the PO is very computer illiterate, so I need a print button or similar to “make it go”.

All I need is to copy the data from a specific view into the Excel doc (preferably a blank master doc) and then either have it automatically Save As or at least pop up the Excel program so Save As can be done manually.

Since this is an instant trigger I don’t think I can use Zapier/Integromat for it. I know that there is a script on here for pulling data into a power query (sorry, am on mobile. link later), but that seems to be button in Excel doc, not button in Airtable.

Is it possible/effective to try a script? Is there something else I don’t even know is an option?

Thanks for the help.

Yes, you can do this with Integromat. Just create a checkbox or button or script in Airtable that triggers your scenario.

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Thanks for the help @ScottWorld. Now I just have to figure out how to get the results from Integromat…I really wish they had a community accessible to anyone (meaning not exclusively on Facebook, as a private group).

Yeah, it is odd that their community is on Facebook. They have good tech support, though. And if you have a budget for this project and you’d like to hire a top Integromat expert & Airtable consultant to help you, please feel free to contact me through my website at ScottWorld.com.

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