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Hello everybody! I was trying to create a automation that emails someone a prefilled form so they can respond to a record that somebody else put in. However both the button formula, and the record formula stops short of the entire form being a clickable link. It has the form link and then ?prefill then it stops. Can anyone help me with this? I would like the entire URL to be clickable.

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Hi @Nathan_Ramey
Are you using Markdown in the email body to format a link?


Are you pulling in a formula that concatenates a prefilled URL? Can you post a screenshot of what you have?

This is my formula for both the button and the formula. Yes, I am using a concatenate formula to create a prefill link

“CONCATENATE(‘Airtablelink’,’?prefill_Type%20of%20Improvement=’,{Type of Improvement},’&prefill_Suggestion%20Topic=’,{Suggestion Topic},’&prefill_Description%20of%20Dysfunction=’,{Description of Dysfunction},’&prefill_Description%20of%20Solution=’,{Description of Solution},’&prefill_Anticipated Benefits=’,{Anticipated Benefits},’&prefill_Explain%20Anticipated%20benefits=’,{Explain Anticipated benefits},’&prefill_Adverse%20Effects=’,{Adverse Effects},’&prefill_Submitted%20By:=’,{Submitted By:},’&prefill_After%20Record%20ID=’,RECORD_ID(),’&hide_After%20Record%20ID=true’)”

Here is a snip of the email the red part is what the link shows then it stops after that.


You have a bunch of spaces in your constructed URL because you’ve encoded some parts but not all. Try following this pattern

  'airtable link',
  '?prefill_', ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT("Field Name 1"), '=', ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Field Name 1}),
  '&prefill_', ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT("Field Name 2"), '=', ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Field Name 2})

Or just use @kuovonne’s app that will write the correct formula for you.


Okay, I used the app (very useful) but I am still having the same problem. It stops right after the ?prefill function.

Two things:

  1. Pretty sure all Airtble form URLs start with airtable.com/shr but yours doesn’t. Make sure you copied the correct url.
  2. If you’re putting this in the body of the Send Email step in an Automation, make sure you’ve inserted the link properly.

Alright I figured it out! Thanks for the help @Kamille_Parks @Vivid-Squid! It is appreciated!

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