Button URL formula with cell value contained in the url

Hi All,

I am trying to create a button that one clicked will launch a web page that uses an internal url (or external) as the prefix with a cell value as the suffix.

For Example:

The first part (https://trsau.reecenet.org/pos/other-stock-on-hand/products/) will be common in the formula with (12345) being the part that changes.

To achieve this i have been try to us the following formula:


The issue is that once pressed the i get the following error in the address bar.


Hi @Metalflex_Wagga

Anything you put inside quotation marks in a formula is translated literally - thus, your URL is being populated with the unicode for β€œ{” (%7B), the text β€œREECE”, and then the unicode for β€œ}” (%7D).

You can use the concatenation operator (&) to add dynamic values, like the value in your field named β€œREECE”, to a literal string. That would look like this:

"trsau.reecenet.org/pos/other-stock-on-hand/products/" & {REECE}

You are a gentleman and a scholar. It seem so simple now. :slight_smile:

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