Calculate details for a coffin nameplate (# Years, # Months, # Days)

Hi, I need to calculate the age of a Deceased. I assume a formula is needed. I have Date of Birth and Date of Death to work with and I need the know the age in Years, Months and Days.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Fairly straightforward until you get to the days component. Not sure if there’s a more efficient formula than:

DATETIME_DIFF({Date of Death}, {Date of Birth}, "years") 
& " years, " 
& MOD(DATETIME_DIFF({Date of Death}, {Date of Birth}, "months"), 12) 
& " months, " 
   {Date of Death}, 
   DATEADD({Date of Birth}, DATETIME_DIFF({Date of Death}, {Date of Birth}, "months"), "months"), 
& " days"

That works amazingly. Thank you so much! If ever you need a nameplate, just shout :wink:

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