Calculate Sales Tax and Total Cost


Hello I have a column for my item cost and a column with the sales tax I paid. I want to create a formula in the third column that calculates my cost x sales tax percentage and then add the answer to the cost to get total cost. I did Cost * {Tax %} and get an error.


Did you get an #Error as result of your formula ? Was the result erroneous (not the right result) or the formula did simply not work and you couldn’t save your formula field?

I’m simply asking because there is a bug in calculations with a percent


Yes I get an error. my goal is to get the total cost with the sales tax.


I quickly tried this formula :

Cost+Cost/100*{Tax %}

Which gave something looking like this :

Was this what you were looking for ?
(The Cost*Tax% field was just there to verify the math :wink:)
The Total Cost is formatted as “Currency”. The Cost is /100 To go around the bug with calculations with percentage.