Calculate the number of records in which the status is changed in all the tables in various based in a day?

How do I achieve this metric/ analytics ?

Hello Jay,

I will split my answer in multiple points to make sure you understand each step and make sure it can be useful for other members later.

1) How to track field changes + change dates ?

This can be done by adding a “Last modified time” field.
These fields can be customized to only track specific fields changes. (as shown in the screenshot)

2. Filter records based on a date

3. Count modified records from linked record (count tasks status changes today from the linked project

You have to create a “Rollup” field that will COUNTALL() the records in the linked table that meet certain conditions.

Let’s add a “Linked record” to our Tasks list (linked to a “Projects” table)

Then, from the Project table grid, add the rollup field like this :

4. Statistics across multiple bases

This can now be done using the Airtable Sync feature introduced recently , more information is available here

Do not hesitate if you need clarification on this process

Airtable Consultant

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