Calculate the total based on the value of a field

This is handled in two tables

  • Items to order (here I manage the status of whether the product can be shipped or not)
  • Orders

What I am looking for is to be able to have the sum of the total amount only of what is going to be shipped.

Currently I have a Rolllup type field in the orders table that brings the data of the items to order that makes me the sum of everything (shipment + pending to be shipped).

Is there a way to get the calculation only for those products that are marked to be shipped?

pp2021-01-28 18_56_33-Control de productos ReciclArte copy_ ArtĂ­culos pedidos - Airtable

There’s a switch in the field configuration settings that says: “Only include linked records from the [whatever] table that meet certain conditions”. Click that and set the filter to limit to “shipped”


Many, many thanks!!! It works perfectly!!! :smiley:

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