Calculated columns from filtered rows


Newbie here (obviously).

Is there a way to show a row (or multiple) at the bottom of the current view that could have various calculated/aggregated values from the rows that are currently displayed via the active filters?

For example, I might want to have three rows, always visible (similar to the Summary row, floating on the bottom) that might have, for example: Min, Max, and Avg.


It seems that the Summary bar will do what you want.
Airtable automatically sums any Number field. You can change this default behavior and specify another aggregate function.


The summary bar is much more capable than I had originally thought. I think
it’ll do me very well - thank you.

Still, just to make me feel my comment wasn’t totally wasted - would there
be any chance that multiple summary bars could be configured (realizing
that screen real-estate is precious)?

Thanks for the rapid responses. Great product!


You can’t have multiple Summary bars but you can create a Formula field that references the field that you want to summarize and, in effect, create a duplicate field. You can even create a View specifically for displaying multiple summaries and hide the “duplicate” fields in your other views.