Calculated Date Assistance


I have three fields with values: ProjectStart, DaysInSprint, and Week. I want to compute a sprint start date and sprint end date based on these values.
ProjectStart = 02 April
DaysInSprint = 7
Week = 1, 2, 3, etc

Formula for Sprint Start should be ProjectStart+(DaysInSprint*Week)
Formula for Sprint End should be (DATEADD({Sprint Start}, 10, ‘days’)

However, I can’t even get the Sprint Start to compute correctly. Any ideas where I am going wrong?



Um… why aren’t you using DATEADD() for the {Sprint Start} calculation?


Because each sprint is a record. Therefore, each week-long sprint starts seven days after the prior one. The DATEADD function adds a set number of days to a date. I need to add start date +7 days for sprint 2, start date +14 days for sprint 3, etc.

The formula I built will work from a computation standpoint. I can’t get the syntax right. Any ideas?


{Date}+(DaysInSprint*Week) returns NaN.

DATEADD({Date},{DaysInSprint}*{Week},'days') returns a date 7*{Week} days after {Date}.