Calculated Net with or without commission

I can’t quite seem to get this right.

Fields at play:

  1. Asking Price - this is how much a seller wants for their equipment
  2. Commission Included? - this is a yes or no single select field
  3. % Commission - this we type in as each sale is different, usually 10%
  4. Commission - this is #1 * #3.
  5. Net to Seller - this is the formula that is tripping me up.
    So, what I want this to be is if the Commission Included field is “Yes”, then calculate Asking Price minus Commission. But if Commission Included field is “No”, then Net to Seller would just equal the Asking Price.

Here’s what I wrote that doesn’t work:
IF {Comm Included?}= Yes, {Asking Price} - Commission, {Asking Price}

What am I missing? Help appreciated!!!

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