Calculating difference between Timer results and Formula results

Hi I have this time tracker system in which different stages of our process is time stamped by an automation. The difference between these time stamps are calculated in several columns depending on the task (in minutes). In order to account for breaks (maybe the work not being completed during the day off), I installed the Timer app to calculate that. Once the break is calculated, that is deducted from the total time calculated by the time stamp automation. It works for the most part and the timer app is perfect because you can pause and resume the timer whenever you want. However, after running the timer for a task I couldn’t complete overnight, the calculation between the time stamp automation and the timer’s calculation wasn’t accurate. Only when I typed in the break duration did the calculation work. Is this perhaps due to the fact that my automation calculates for “minutes” while the timer calculates not only minutes but seconds and hours? This usually works for smaller break times but in my situation overnight, the break was 16 hours. Thanks for the help! I can provide more details if this was a bit confusing.

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