Calculating final costs based on costs of each element in product

Hello everyone!

I’d highly appreciate it if some could advise how to manage the below task:

I am building a “recipe cost calculator”, where each recipe has a different amount of ingredients to use.

I want to make a form where chef could input data and create new recipe, were main goal is to calculate the cost of this recipe.

So, chef inputs the Recipe name, image, category, chooses ingredients, inputs its amount to use, and in the final box should appear a cost ($) of the recipe based on ingredients and their amounts.

The existing “Food cost calculator” does not have option of calculation in this manner. It’s more general and is not as precise as I am want to build.

I am struggling to build a form where chef can choose the ingredient and input its amount to use. Formulas for calculations are not a problem.

Below is a sample form

And table

Thanks everyone in advance!


Unfortunately, forms do not allow for any sort of calculated fields, such as formulas, lookups, rollups, etc.

Be sure to send an email to to let them know how much you would like them to allow calculated fields on their forms! Many, many people would like this feature!

In the meantime, you would need to use an external form to do that. I would check out these two options:

  1. MiniExtensions.

  2. The combination of JotForm + On2Air Forms.

Hi Scott,

Thanks a lot for your inputs and suggestions. I’ll definitely follow them and share updates as soon as I can get the solution.

And be sure to email Airtable Support about this!

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