Calculating Markup Percentage is Returning a Negative Percentage

In the MP IMU% field I have this formula:


My question is how do I change my formula to return a value in the MP IMU% field that is not a negative percentage? The true answer is 281.34% - I’m beyond stumped??? :woozy_face:

Hi! Your {MP ICOGS} value is negative. I hate to even say that “a positive number divided by a negative number is a negative number”. Whoops!

To turn the tables on that negative value, use ABS({MP ICOGS}) or ABS({MP IGP}/{MP ICOGS}). Hope this is what you’re going for.

Or you can fix your {MP ICOGS} field formula to return a positive value. If “ICOGS” stands for something cost of goods sold, then it probably is a positive number in reality.

@augmented Thank you!

This worked!

COGS are actually expenses therefore they are entered as a negative number. All the income fields are entered as positive currency. Excel makes this easy but not so much in Airtable.

Many thanks!!! :pray: :grinning: :high_brightness:

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