Calculating total time using DATETIME_DIFF

I’m trying to set up a chart block to show total time spent on each project. My task entry table is set up with a record for each task with time start and time end fields. A third field named ‘Total’ contains the formula DATETIME_DIFF({End}, {Start}) with the format set to ‘duration’ to calculate the hours and minutes for each task. This works perfectly to populate the field in each record.

However, when I try to use that Total field as the Y-axis in the chart block, I get an error that the field is not numeric.

I have created a fourth field with a similar formula as ‘Total’ but with a unit specifier, and the format set to ‘decimal’. This works for my chart, but it’s showing whole hours with .00 behind the decimal:
DATETIME_DIFF({End}, {Start}, 'h')
format: decimal
precision: 1.00

How can I set this formula up so that it shows accurate times instead of rounding down to the full hour?

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