Calculating VAT with IF


I’m trying to figure out a way to calculate my “Price without Tax”.
I wrote something like this but it’s not working.

IF({VAT}=20, {Price with tax}/1.2), IF({VAT}=5.5, {Price with tax}/1.055))

VAT is a Percent

As you can probably see i’m a true beginner.
Any help would be appreciated.


IF(AND({VAT},{Price with tax}), {Price with tax}/(1+{VAT}),0)

This formula is saying that if “VAT” and “Price with tax” have values, then calculate the price before VAT. Otherwise return 0. You can change 0 to be whatever you’d like.

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Thanks @augmented for your help.

My concern is that i can have 2 different VAT values (20% and 5,5%)
I just want my “Price without Tax” to be calculated according to the right one.


Hey, you’re welcome. I try to answer at least one question here every day.

Did you try my formula? I will work if you have any number of VAT values.

It did actually, i just don’t get that language yet.
Thanks a lot.

Just look up the function definitions and it will make sense. Good luck.

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