Calculating week to week numeric and percentage increase

Hello – I’m trying to automatically figure out by how much my podcast downloads are going up, week to week and then to show percentage increase from when we first started to measure numbers. Here’s what my table looks like now. What would the formula be if it’s possible to do one?

I have a basic sum total at the bottom but would like to see each week what it’s gone up by either from the previous week or from when the episode first aired and what the percentage increase is from the time we started measuring – 10/1/19 – when the total was 2885, so I don’t have to keep doing the math!

Hmm, and it says I can’t upload an image here so not sure how to show the screenshot.

I’m an AirTable newbie, so any help, welcome!


Welcome to the community, @Chitra_Ragavan! :smiley: You can’t post images yet because you’re a new forum user. Once you’ve been active here a while, the system will automatically start removing certain restrictions.

To answer your question, cross-record calculations are possible in Airtable, but it’s a tricky setup because Airtable is a database and not a spreadsheet. Database records have no intrinsic knowledge of each other, so it’s not a simple matter of writing a formula that refers to another record. This post goes into great detail on how to make it work:

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Thank you. That’s helpful. I will study that example. But maybe it would be easier for me to do that type of numbers crunching on Excel.

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