Calculating wins and losses


Im trying to set up a project that tracks my kids’ results over multiple seasons in wrestling. I have a table that lists each kid on the team. Then I have a table for results of matches with a checkbox column for a win and one for a loss (there is an opponent DB as well). I want to be able to count the number of wins and losses each season - any thoughts?


In the table you have for match results, add another field where you put the season (“2017-2018” or somesuch).

Then you can Group that table, first on Season, then on Wrestler. Airtable’s autosum bars will allow you to view different metrics within each grouping. You will be able to see total wins per-wrestler/per-season, and total losses per-wrestler/per-season. You could even add a third grouping after Wrestler, and group on Opponent. Then you can see losses per-wrestler/per-season/per-opponent. That might be a bit too granular though…instead, you could have a different “View” where you group first by Wrestler, then by Opponent, and you’ll be able to see totals per-Wrestler/per-opponent on a “career” basis.

Here’s a screenshot of a base where I am using multiple groupings, and you can see in the formula bar that Airtable provides, I can see sums/averages/etc aggregated per grouping:


Awesome - thanks! This is a big help!