Calculation changes in formula dependent on single-select column?

Hi everyone,

AirTable formula newbie here! I am hoping to change the calculations I have in my formulas dependent on which item was selected in my single-select column.

Under “Locum $,” the formula is currently:

({Orientation Day}*180)+({Paid Days Off}*180)+({Coverage Days}*550)

The 550 value only applies to the “rural” communities. When “remote” is selected under the Community column, I would like to change that value to 600. Is it possible to create a formula that would automatically calculate the values dependent on whether “rural” or “remote” is selected under the Community single-select?

Thank you!

Hi Tina. Just replace the “550” with an IF statement.

({Orientation Day}*180)+({Paid Days Off}*180)+({Coverage Days}*IF({Status}=‘Rural’,550, 600))

I assumed you meant {Status} column since I don’t see a {Community} column, but if I’m wrong (and it happens a lot), then swap out {Status} for {Community}.

If you end up using more than two options for that {Coverage Days} multiplier, then the SWITCH statement will be your friend.

Be careful copy/pasting from here to your formula window. Quotes get changed. Good luck!


Thank you so much for your helpful response (including the tip about the quotes)! You’re right, I did mean {Status}! It worked perfectly - thank you so much :).

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